Patent Wars Between Nokia and Apple

Big companies tend to be very competitive with each other. Even the slightest controversies may easily result in legal persecutions and lawsuits. Apple is a very good example. The company is quite touchy about such matters and always get its own way. But even Apple isn’t perfect.

According to Street Insider, Nokia issued legal proceedings against Apple, accusing it of 32 patent violations. Nokia filed lawsuits in several places, including the U.S. District Court in Texas and Regional Courts in Germany.

The Finnish company representatives say that they have been trying to negotiate with Apple for a few years but there was no success. They add that Apple has violated patents in display, software, user interface, video coding and chipset manufacturing.

It’s not the first time when Nokia and Apple have legal controversies. In 2009, the Finnish company accused the opponent of implementing Nokia’s technologies in the first iPhone, launched 2 years before that. Apparently, both companies managed to make an agreement on patent licensing but experts suppose that Apple has already broken it. Apple representatives haven’t yet provided any comments regarding the situation.