Password and Fingerprint Lock for Home and Office Doors $135

Are you tired of conventional keys that get lost constantly? Then try out the Fingerprint Door Lock. Biometric door locks provide a mixture of the two granting access simply to verified personnel without the should lock and unlock the door whenever they pass through. Thus, a biometric fingerprint door lock is easily the most secure lock there is.

Password and Fingerprint Lock for Office

This gadget features smart electronic access feature and can be unlocked either via password or fingerprint or using a card. This means, even if one method does not work, which is highly unlikely, you will still have a bunch of other ways to access your house. It’s more secure because everyone has a unique fingerprint. In the event the scanner can’t recognize your fingerprint, you may type your password on keypad to enter into your house.

The device is made of reliable and durable zinc alloy. The smart lock would be suitable for a lot of different door types including the wooden or stainless steel doors. Finally, it comes in multiple different colors including rose gold, red bronze and titanium ash. So, no worries, it will for sure suit the interior of your house. This fingerprint lock in reality very simple to install, and the most economical way to secure your house.

Fingerprint Door Lock
Home Security Password Door Lock

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