Stainless Steel Outdoor Sports Water Bottle

One of the best features of this kettle, that attracts many right away, is that it can be used for hot and cold drinks. This kettle has electrolyte vacuum extraction technology. With its insulation, this kettle passed several tests that prove that after 6 hours, the hot drink is at 75 degrees Celsius, and after 24 hours it is 50 degrees Celsius, that is if originally it was 98 degrees. Cold drinks are kept that way for quite the time as well. After 6 hours, the water is at 4 degrees Celsius, and after 24 hours it is at 7 degrees Celsius, if originally it was 0 degrees.
Stainless Vacuum Sports Kettle
The top cover of the kettle, can be used as a mini cup, to pour your drink into right away. Top cover also has a compass on it, which is a useful feature for those who use it out in the nature. Bottom of the kettle pot, has a nonslip bottom, which makes it stay sturdy in place and free of any damage that can be brought onto it from the rough grounds.
Carrying this kettle is also easy, with the durable handle on the side of it. In addition to that, it also has straps, that are adjustable and allow you to place it on your shoulder or any other way that you prefer. It is also provided in three different color options, Deep Blue, Stainless Steel and Wine Red.
This Stainless-Steel Sports Kettle is an item that will make it possible to enjoy your drinks hot or cold. You can easily bring it along with you, to any needed event. It has all of the features for full comfortability and convenience.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Vacuum Sports Water Bottle,
3000ML capacity, Heat-resistance + cold-resistance

Stainless Steel Vacuum Sports Water Bottle