Outdoor Solar Backpack 21L Laptop Bag with Solar Panel

Backpacks of all sorts have come back into trend. People of different ages, use them on a daily bases. Some use them for school, others for work, and many just for carrying around their items throughout the day. In this review, we have taken a close look at the Tigernu TB3164 Outdoor Solar Backpack 21L Laptop Bag with Solar Panel that will work for just about everything.

This backpack is quite large, being 21 L. The size of it is about 11.42 x 7.09 x 16.54 inches, and the weigh is 950 grams. The bag is offered in two different color options, in feather grey and light grey. Both colors are neutral, and this is what makes this bag unisex, perfect for everyone.
The straps can be adjusted anywhere from 44 to 75 centimeters, depending on the height and what is more comfortable for the user.

Outdoor Solar Backpack
21L Laptop Bag with Solar Panel

Tigernu TB3164 Solar Panel

It is made out of durable material such as oxford cloth that is water resistant, and anti scratch. Therefore, your backpack will always have a fresh and new look, and the items inside will always stay secure and free of damage. The back of the backpack is soft and very breathable. Many different pockets are provided, that help one sort out all of their items.

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On the back, there is a laptop slot that will keep in sturdy in place and secure. The other pockets can be used for your books, clothing items, tablet or any other item that you need to carry with you. This backpacks size is sure to fit it all! One of the best features, is that this backpack has a USB port, for connecting your mobile device to.

On the front of the backpack, there are solar panels that help charge your different devices with the help of the daily sunlight. The back also has a belt, that will help carry heavy load.

Tigernu TB3164 backpack is quite decently priced for all of the features that it has to offer. It is durable, sturdy, and can charge your mobile device. This all makes it very unique and different from most others on the market.