About 360 Degree Panoramic Action Video Camera

Now, when someone wants to take a picture or shoot a video, they pull out their smartphones. Of course, some devices have very advanced cameras but they still can’t match real photo and video cameras. In this department, there’s no better choice than an action camera. These devices are compact, portable and functional. Obviously, GoPro cameras are probably the best cameras in this category but they’re quite pricy. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, we suggest you check out this Outdoor Panoramic Action Camera review.

First of all, this camera may impress you very much with its specifications. Due to its CMOS sensor, it can take 16MP pictures. But the main highlight of this camera is of course video. A 22-degree lens can record footage with extreme video resolution. The highest is 4K30 frames. When necessary, the camera can shoot videos in slow motion using a special feature. Besides, the camera has an HDMI port, so you can watch later the best moments of your adventures on a big TV screen. Plus, the camera supports Wi-Fi – it can import all files via the wireless network straight to the computer.

360 Degree Panoramic Sport Camera

Although the package includes a lot of different elements and it takes some time to put it together, the construction is very secure and safe. Using certain items in the package, you can mount the camera on the helmet, on bikes or on a selfies stick. Plus, the device comes with a waterproof box which protects it from rain or other weather cataclysms involving water. Even you come across some difficulties assembling the camera, an included user manual will help you do everything step by step.

So, if you’re planning an awesome adventure but you’re just a bit short on money, this action camera might be a fantastic alternative for a reasonable price. The camera can be installed anywhere and its functionality will help you capture the best moments of your trip. Extreme HD resolution: the highest video resolution of 4K30 frames. 8 megapixel CMOS sensor: 16 megapixels of maximum static pixels. Support WIFI, remote control camera, file import, a key to share.

360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera