What OS Can be Used for Smartphones Instead of Android?

Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s export ban on ZTE had a strong reaction on China. The news media reported that in the next seven years, ZTE can not use the technology of American companies. This may affect the smartphone business of ZTE because that means that they cannot use the Android system developed by Google. And now, the main question is, what OS can be used for Smartphones instead of Android?

ZTE is still verifying the authenticity of this situation. Currently, this information is still asymmetric. It is necessary to assess the overall event to be able to clearly understand the specific impact on the company, and then to discuss whether there is a new system to replace the Android OS.

Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS are the two major operating systems in the current smartphone market. Earlier this year the market research company Gartner released data showing market shares of smartphone operating systems. The market share of smart phone systems in 2017 data shows that the Android system market share reached 85.9%, and Apple’s IOS market share of 14%. Together, the two have reached a terrifying 99.9% market, leaving the “others” with a market share of only 0.1%.

ZTE, about OS Instead of Android