Orro Announces Direct Integration with Alarm.com

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Orro announced today that its professional-grade intelligent lighting and home control system now integrates with the popular Alarm.com home security system and app. As a unified smart living system in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch, Orro’s revolutionary product reshapes how homeowners experience and interact with lighting and other smart home devices. In a marriage of systems, users are now able to control Orro’s lighting features through the Alarm.com app, while adding Orro Switches to their Alarm.com Scenes. As a result, the Alarm.com system will not only adjust thermostats, lock doors and arm security systems, but also automatically activate and deactivate lighting anywhere there’s a connected Orro Switch.

“With built-in sensors for light, motion and presence, and integrations for more than 60 brands of smart home products and systems, we see Orro as a natural fit for security,” said Orro CEO Colin Billings. “Alarm.com and Orro feature a common approach to smart home tech and features, including intuitive, all-in-one systems that unify control. As more home builders introduce security and intelligent lighting as standard features, this makes it even easier for them to offer fully integrated systems.”

By detecting motion, sound and light with their powerful built-in sensors, Orro One Pro and Orro S Switches respond with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting based on homeowners’ habits and preferences. Adding Orro to the Alarm.com ecosystem is as simple as using Alarm.com’s device wizard feature. The status of each Switch is reported and can be checked through the Alarm.com app. Once an account is linked, Orro’s Switches allow for remote control and automation of lighting and lighting scenes connected to system events.

“With direct integration, Orro extends the Alarm.com ecosystem and brings new solutions to Orro customers, such as the ability to intelligently automate lights in response to security system activity,” said Dan Kerzner, chief product officer, Alarm.com. “We see this as a valuable partnership that delivers added convenience and security to both Orro and Alarm.com customers.”

About Orro

Built to meet the rigors and requirements of professional home builders, electricians and installers, the Orro Smart Living System upgrades homes with a simple-to-use, unified smart home system providing top-of-the-line quality and features homeowners demand. With Orro, users get automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused lighting schedules, home monitoring, and energy-saving features that seamlessly integrate with core smart and automation systems. For more information, visit: www.GetOrro.com


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