Best Selling Xiaomi Mi 3S TV Box Specs, Price

Regular cable television is gradually going into the past. Now, the Internet rules the world, so we have numerous streaming services or special TV boxes. Speaking of the latter, if you’re looking for this type of television, there are plenty of good devices on the market. And for this review, we chose one of the best –Original Xiaomi Mi 3S TV Box 64bit Android 6.0 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz Dual Band WiFi.

Xiaomi Mi 3S is a compact device with a few surprises underneath. Most importantly, this TV box uses the latest PathWall AI system which knows the user’s habits and favorite programs, so it can customize the content for every viewer. As for other specs, Mi 3S is now equipped with a more advanced 64-bit Amlogic S905X CPU, 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM.

Xiaomi Mi 3S TV Box

As a result, Xiaomi Mi 3S has a lot of power at its disposal, especially if we talk about visuals. This TV box supports HDR – a format relatively new to TV screens. With this quality, you’ll be able to see everything in slightest details and brightest colors. Apart from that, the device supports 60fps 4K video decoding. With 60 frames per second, the imagery gets much more vivid. 60fps may not be the best choice for watching movies but it’s perfect for gaming and sports matches.

Finally, Xiaomi Mi 3S is more than just a TV box. With plenty of power up its sleeve, the TV box can provide users with some gaming entertainment. The Mi 3S comes with a wide range of games of different genres. To start playing, you just need to connect a wireless Bluetooth gamepad.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi 3S TV Box is an incredible device that brings you the best TV programs, wonderful movies and adventurous games. You’ll never be bored with Xiaomi Mi 3S and it will make sure that you have fun as often as possible.