ORICO 2.4A 4 USB Ports Power Adapter Wall Charger

There are plenty of us that travel often and have many USB powered gadgets that need to be charged. Finding one power outlet at all times and rotating your devices can be a real hassle. What is even a bigger hassle is if the outlet is different than what your devices are. To make it simpler, many invest in different travel power adapters. In this review, we have grasped such an item, but even better, the ORICO 2.4A 4 USB Ports Power Adapter Wall Charger with US + EU + AU + UK plugs.

This travel USB power adapter is offered in either a white color or a black color. Both are neutral, and fit just about all preferences and likings. It is made out of fireproof ABS material. This makes it not only durable and long lasting, but also extremely safe to use.

One of the great features of this travel power adapter is that it has four USB ports. Such a feature is extremely convenient. It allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and very fast. Devices charge faster than often with other ports, since this adapter has a 2.4A fast output.

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ORICO DSP USB Power Adapter Wall Charger

ORICO DSP 4 USB Ports Power Adapter Wall Charger,
5V 2.4A output USB ports + Plug adapter

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Another very convenient specification of this ORICO DSP-4U 4 USB travel power adapter is that it can be switched between several different country plugs. The country plugs that are included are US, EU, AU and UK. Such a combo makes this item extremely great for those who often travel, have many different gadgets to charge as well.

This travel power adapter is also extremely compact and easy to bring along with you. In size, it is 6.40 x 6.00 x 2.70 cm with the weight being just 115 grams. Package itself consists of the power adapter, three different plug adapters, a pouch, and an English / Chinese Manual with instructions for those who need them.

ORICO DSP-4U 4 USB travel power adapter is offered on the market for a reasonable and affordable price. It is durable, safe for all, trendy and compact. It is an item that is sure to become your best travel buddy. Bring your attention to this travel power adapter, if you too are in search of something similar.