ORICO Functional Dock 10 USB Ports Charging Stand

This charging station looks rather stylish and appealing to the eye. It is of a white color, which is neutral for all. It is made out of PC and ABS material, which makes it durable and tough, without any damage. The size of this charging stand is 23.80 x 13.00 x 9.00 cm and it has a weight of just 1 kilogram and 120 grams. Such dimensions make it easy to bring along with you, wherever it is needed. The entire space will be organized, and neat.
ORICO Multifunctional Charging Stand Station

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1.5 meter cable that is attached, allows you to connect the charging station to any outlet. After that, ten mobile devices can be placed in each slot of the charging stand, and It has different USB cables for them. Turning on the charging station is easy, and can be done quickly with just the press of one ON/OFF button.
The smart identification chip that is built in, is there for recognizing your device once it is plugged in, and for then having the best safe output. With this charging stand, you can be sure that your devices will be protected from over current, surge, over voltage, short circuit, overcharge, over temperature, over power and more. Cooling fans are also built in, with holes, so that your mobile devices always stay at the needed temperature. The total output of the entire ORICO charging stand is 120W.
Bring your attention to the ORICO multifunctional 10 USB Charging stand station for an organized, quick and safe way to charge all of your USB powered devices. It is of high quality, and is made to last for quite the time. The price of this item is reasonable as well.

ORICO 10 USB Ports Charger Dock
Multifunctional USB Charging Stand Station

10 USB Ports Charging Stand