Great Organizer For Mobile Devices and Accessories

We always look surprised when take our earphones out of a pocket and they are tangled. The same thing happens with different cables. That’s when you need to properly organize all your items and we’re gonna tell you about one way how to nicely arrange all gadgets and accessories on your desk, including a MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone or other mobile devices.

With the Cozistyle Multi-Accessory Organizing System (MAOS) from Cozistyle you get even more than simple organizing. The whole set consists of 5 silicon-made products for different purposes. For cables and earphones there are three magnetically connecting straps which keep all your wires in a perfect, “untangled” condition. You may even attach one of the straps to your clothes, so that your earphones wouldn’t fall on the ground when you’re walking or running.

Plus, in a set you’ll find two Magnetic Suction Nubs – small devices that can serve as stands for your smartphone or tablet for the better angle, if, for example, you’re watching a movie. These nubs may also be useful for laptops – just put both of them under your device and the typing gets much more comfortable because the position of the laptop becomes ergonomic.

As you can see, the second word in the name of this item is “suction”, meaning that these nubs may be attached on any flat surface, even vertical. If you need to clear your desk from cables, organize your workplace or adjust your Laptop, tablet or Smartphone devices for a necessary viewing angle without buying expensive stands, the Multi-Accessory Organizing System is an excellent solution for you.