Organize your Desk with MacBook Dock For External Monitor

Often there are times when we would like to connect our MacBook laptop to a second monitor or even to an at home media center for a whole new different experience. Doing so is often a hassle, many different cables are needed and it is all extremely unorganized. Keep your working area neat, beautiful and convenient. Let’s observe the features of Henge MacBook Vertical Docking Station in this review. This MacBook Dock with help you to organize your desk if you want add an External Monitor on your work station.

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This docking station is made to be compatible only with the MacBook Pro or MacBook with Retina display and with a size of 15 inches. The docking station itself has a very modest, lovely and well-matched design. It is very sleek and is also made out of solid metal material, just like your laptop computer. The dock is about 19.1 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches in size, with a weight of just 4.75 pounds.

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It is also made to be extremely efficient. All that you need to do, is slip your MacBook into the vertical dock. Installed into it, the dock already has a mini display port, USB 3.0 and TRRS extension cable for set up of two monitors side by side. The cables are aligned to be so precise, that your computer automatically connects. Cables that are usually needed for connection, will be organized in one place providing with a neat and pleasant to the eye space. Not only dual monitors can be set up, your MacBook can now be connected to any media streaming method of your choice. All of the provided cables make it possible! Connection will be stable, family will be happy, and space, once again, will stay organized.

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This Docking Station however is not compatible with the New MacBook Pro that includes a USB-C and Tunderbolt 3. The Docking Station is currently being offered for the best price. It is a great item to look into purchasing if you are a MacBook Pro owner with the identifying numbers being 11, 12, 13 and 15, while for all of the other models, separate docking stations are offered. It is trendy, organized and convenient!