Made by ex-Samsung engineers Opus One Smart Umbrella

There are certain every-day things which have become smart a long time ago, so we’re not really surprised when we see another hi-tech watch, bracelet or glasses. But now, the smart trend is conquering other welfare items. For example, wouldn’t it be nice if your umbrella could warn you about bad weather? For those who are interested, we present Opus One.

Made by ex-Samsung engineers Opus One Smart Umbrella is ideal for users who live in countries with unstable weather or in tropical countries with their rain seasons. With this smart umbrella, you won’t have to look at weather app on your smartphone – before you go outside, you just need to shake the accessory by its handle and the coloured indicator will signal you about the weather: red, if it’s raining or green, if it’s sunny. Obviously, you can replace that with a simple look out of your window but let’s be realistic – it’s much cooler to use such an innovative device.

Opus One Hi-Tech Umbrella

Opus One is also connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it can alert you about incoming calls or messages. Plus, if you forget to take your phone somewhere, the umbrella will refresh your memory with the vibration of its handle. Opus One doesn’t have a built-in battery. Instead, it’s powered by 4 AAA batteries. Manufacturers assure customers that they can last for a year with moderate usage.

In any case, Opus One Smart Umbrella is a pretty peculiar idea. It serves well as your personal hi-tech weather forecaster and a great reminder if you suddenly forget your smartphone. Opus One is currently sold only in Japan and South Korea but manufacturers are looking for ways to distribute the product in Western countries.