Optimize Your iPhone with The New iOS Features

iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the world and one of the reasons of its success is the operating system – iOS. It boasts very user-friendly interface and convenient functionality. Plus, it’s considered to be much safer than its only competitor – Android. The latest version of iOS came with a bunch of new interesting features that even experienced iOS users could find helpful. So we’ve decided to pick 10 of them which can actually help optimize your iPhone.

  • Notifications are right on the screen – If you turn on the Raise to Wake feature, the notifications will come up on the screen once you take the phone. No buttons needed;
  • Access camera in 2 seconds – just pick any place on the screen and swipe from right to left. No more translucent camera icon;
  • Unlock iPhone without pressing the Home button – By turning on “iPhone Unlock” and “Rest Finger to Open” features, you can unlock the phone with just a slight touch on the Home button;
  • Sort out downloads – numerous apps always download something. By prioritizing downloads, you choose the most important ones;
  • Speak your messages – when you can’t type, tap on the microphone and clearly say the message. After that, press Done;
  • Remove pre-installed apps – simply press on the app icon, then press on the X and confirm your decision;
  • Sleep better – Clock app is darker, Night Shift feature doesn’t let you be bothered and a Bedtime tab tracks your sleep via the Health app;
  • Reopen closed Safari tabs at once – always a useful feature – first tap the tab and switcher, then hold on the “plus in a square” or an addition sign. The page with closed tabs will appear;
  • Access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings faster – No more searching – press the settings app for a while and a small list will pop up with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data and Battery settings;
  • Organize your music – stop the anarchy in your playlists and sort them out by pressing “Sort” in the top right corner.