Oprout Multi-Tasking Surge Protector for Mobile Devices

Today, the whole world is filled with electrical appliances and mobile devices. A few decades ago, it was completely unimaginable that in every house you would have a TV, a personal computer and other technologies. Every appliance, as we know, is powered by electricity, even smartphones and tablets have to be charged from wall sockets. However, it can be hard for some people to organize everything in their house properly. That’s why it would be nice to have a product that could not only power your TV or PC but also provided charging “services” for your smartphone and tablet. Fortunately, the mobile accessory market offers you several options and one of them is the object of the following review. Meet 4-Outlet Surge Protector from Oprout.
Surge protectors are hugely widespread on the market because almost every computer requires one – you have to power the monitor, the speaker system, the computer itself, and so on. However, unlike other surge protectors, this one can give any PC user a little bit more. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take every aspect in order.

We begin and design and construction. What can be so special about the design of a common surge protector, you may ask? Yes, it may be true but some accessories always attract attention because they have a magnetic style. This is definitely one of those cases. The Oprout surge protector boasts a very elegant and design, so that you wouldn’t be shy to even put on your work desk. The main material, used in making this product, is aluminium: the body is crafted only from it and there’s aluminium finish on the surface to add a bit of gloss to this accessory. Apart from being beautiful, aluminium brings another helpful feature – it’s completely fire-resistant. This is an extremely important feature because there were a lot of incidents with short circuit and other surge protectors.
Oprout Multi-Tasking Surge Protector
Now, we are slowly coming to the main part: functionality. Let’s start this “chapter” with something that every surge protector has: power outlets. In this case, there are 4 of them which is quite enough for organizing a workplace with a computer. Even if you don’t have a PC, you can connect a couple of laptops for charging and working on it simultaneously. This surge protector works well in any room of your house, especially living rooms and kitchens where there are always a lot of electrical appliances. To reach each and every one of them, this surge protector comes with an extra-long power cord – almost 5 feet.
And of course, this product is good at protection. Every one of four plugs is have over-current surge protection along with heat and fire resistance. Parents will be happy to learn that this accessory is equipped with a safety shutter which prevents electric shocks in case your kids are nosy. Other safety features include overload protection, over current/voltage protection and short circuit protection.
But that’s not what makes this product unique. This surge protector is also a charger: on one end of it there are 4 USB ports for connecting multiple mobile devices and charging them at the same time. This is immensely comfortable if you’re working on a MacBook and need to have your iPhone or any other mobile device at your hand even when it’s being charged. You can always keep all devices in one spot and charge them simultaneously.
But the charging comes with a trick – it’s adaptable. This is possible due to the Smart IC technology – it recognizes the connected device and selects the power and speed to meet all requirements. Every USB port knows the necessary current and voltage for optimal and steady charging. Not only that, the charging is also very fast. The surge protector supports Quick Charge 2.0 meaning that all your mobile devices will be powered up in no time at all.
In short, the Oprout 4-Outlet Surge Protector is simply an irreplaceable item in today’s world when technologies are thriving. Not only is it good at protecting your appliances from short circuit or fire, it is also an excellent charging station for smartphones, tablets and other USB-integrated devices.
Oprout Multi-Tasking Surge Protector for Mobile Devices