Onebot T2 Folding Electric Bike 14-inch Tire Bicycle

The various color options that it is offered for makes it quite easy for just about every person to choose one depending on their liking. The color options are black, white, and yellow. Another wonderful part about this bike is how light and compact it is. It is 116 X 56 X 87 cm in the unfolded version, and when it is folded it is 58 X 33 X 65. The weight of this bike is just under 14 KG. This makes it easy to carry in just one hand, and makes it perfect for the city life. The wheel size is 14 inches, and it is made out of durable rubber that is anti-slip, and perfect for just about any weather condition. The bike itself is made out of durable aluminum alloy that is durable and water resistant.
Folding Electric Bike

Folding Electric Bike,
3 different Color version: Black , Yellow White

The front bar and seat are adjustable for people of different heights. Powerful motor of 250W allows one to reach a speed of 25 km per hour, as well as go up hill as much as 15 degrees. 5.2 Ah Li-on battery last for up to 30 km of distance. The bike also has a dual V brake system, that offers users a safe driving experience. The front light also is perfect for the darker parts of the day, for your vision and safety. The front rim also has a front light button and a horn button. Both can easily be turned on and used with just one quick click. There is also a mode switch button for full convenience.
Onebot T2 Folding Electric Bike 14-inch Tire Bicycle
Overall, the Onebot T2 bicycle is perfect for those who enjoy riding in the city, for pleasure, or just are looking for a quick and easy way of transportation. It is durable, long lasting and offers safe riding experience. Best of all, the price of this bike is reasonable!