Onebot Electric Suitcase Scooter with Battery

All children are big fans of different scooters, and even great fans of electric ones. They use them for riding around just about everywhere, and many even to school. With that being said, children have to carry their backpacks, which often even pull them back. With new advances, there are great inventions, such as like the one we reviewed, Onebot L2 Electric Suitcase Scooter with Battery.

This suitcase scooter is offered in aw neutral for all color, black. It has a unique design, that is sure to attract the attention of many. The suitcase is made out of durable ABS material with polyester. The size of the backpack is 34 X 23 X 54 cm, with the capacity being 25 liters. The backpack can carry a load of up to 20 kilograms.

Onebot Electric Suitcase Scooter with Battery

Onebot L2 Electric Suitcase Scooter with Battery

Electric scooter is also heavy-duty with an aluminum alloy frame. It is extremely lightweight, and can quickly and easily fold, with the backpack removed. When it is unfolded it is approximately 65 X 26 X 95 cm in size, while folded it is almost half of that being 36 X 30 X 65 cm. Wide front wheels of 12.5 cm, are made out of PU material to be wear resistant and long lasting. The back wheel is a little bit smaller being 7.5 cm.

Onebot L2 Electric Suitcase Scooter black

The handle of the scooter has two buttons, one to fold the scooter, the other one to adjust the height. 100W brushless motor on this scooter is powerful, providing with a speed of about 15 km per hour, and the ability to go up hill of 10 degrees. Electric scooter is made to work best in temperatures from -15 degrees Celsius up to 50 degrees. 5.2Ah li-ion battery in this Onebot L2 electric scooter charges in just about 2.5 hours, for up to 12 kilometers of riding. For stopping, this electric scooter has a regular steel plate on the back, as well as an electric brake on the handle.

Onebot L2 electric suitcase scooter is made to provide with speed and comfortability. One can easily pack all of their needed items and transport anywhere they would like. It is trendy, durable and impressive!