Wearable Accessories Technology Reading Emotions

Recently, we’ve written about smartwatch advancements developed by scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA. This list included operation with gestures, breathing, and so on. But innovations don’t stop and researchers from MIT are also trying to increase the usefulness of wearable accessories.

Considering that most smartwatches track physical activities of the user, scientists from Massachusetts decided to go another direction and concentrate on the mental part. That’s true, no smartwatch is able to control mental health of the user by “reading” his emotions. However, this may soon change because MIT geniuses have a solution to that.

Technology for Smartwatches

They created a special app for smartwatches which listens to user’s conversations, analyses textual transcriptions and physiological signs to determine the whole speech tone and emotions of the speaker. According to the research team, the accuracy of this emotions tracking is 83%. This basically equals precision which means that this app from MIT can actually tell the mood of the person by analysing other attributes.

Currently, the app is only in the development stage and it’s far from being completed. But if this work continues and has success, smartwatches will be used not only for physical tracking but for mental one as well. In other words, a wearable device can serves as a personal psychologist to work on relationships with other people and make them better.