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Baseus Flexible 360 Degree Rotation Necklace On-The-Go Universal Phone Holder

You are probably thinking that it would be great to have an item where you can take pictures, watch videos and much more on any mobile device while being absolutely hands free. We have looked at the On-The-Go Universal Phone Holder Baseus Flexible Necklace bracket and can recommend it after review.

On-The-Go Universal Phone Stand Holder

This gadget is offered in a neutral for all color, Black. It can be placed around your neck, waist, or on any flat service. The flexible design of this bracket, provides comfort and can be used while lying down, sitting, or standing. This Baseus bracket supports most mobile devices up to 10 inches.

This bracket is made out of high quality aluminum and magnesium alloy material and is comfortable to hold. It is flexible to adjust to different angles and heights while being stable. This will help prevent from dropping it. As well as that, it is rotatable in 360 degrees, and easily adjusts to different angles to provide users with a variety of viewing positions.

On-The-Go Universal Phone Holder

One great feature, is the part that is used for hanging around your neck is supplied with high quality anti-shock, non-slip, breathable, and elastic foam. This provides maximum comfort with no additional neck strain or pain. Hanging this Baseus bracket around your neck or waist, will allow to watch videos or just roam on a smartphone or tablet in comfort without having to hold it. As well as that, in addition to being used as a necklace, it can come in use as a selfie stick, mount for recording, or a stand on flat surfaces. This item is perfect for users of all ages that are owners of various smartphones and tablets.

To end with, this gadget is a wonderful item for all of us on our lazy days. Viewing videos and movies, playing games, and surfing the web will become much more enjoyable. Best of all, enjoyment will not interfere with comfort, since this bracket is thoroughly thought out and made out of the highest quality material and foam.

On-The-Go Universal Phone Holder Stand