On The Go Solution – How to Charge Phone Without Power Bank

As technologies are getting more advanced, our life becomes simpler and more interesting. Now, we can see a lot of advancements even on the streets of big cities. One of these innovations will soon appear in London where Ford in cooperation with Strawberry Energy plans to install numerous smart benches.

The benches will be extremely helpful to pedestrians – they can sit there, charge up their mobile devices and use the Internet. For that, the benches are equipped with solar batteries and Wi-Fi access points. Each bench will have a few ports for charging and support wireless charging. The access to Wi-Fi and charging is totally free for everybody.

Apart from that, these hi-tech benches will also be able to monitor the environment and display the information on the special screen. That way, you can learn about temperature, humidity, noise level and air pollution.

20 of these environmentally friendly benches will be placed in London as the first stage of the local project. Later, we may see this novelty in other big cities too.

Smart Benches in London