Outdoor Waist Bag Tactical Bag

For men who travel lightly, as well as live an active outdoor life it must be important to have a handy small bag that could fit the items which are otherwise stuffed in the pockets of the pants. In this case, why not try using a waist bag? And we are not talking about the uncool one from the 90s, but rather about an awesome Men’s Nylon Outdoor Bag for Travel that comes in a variety of colors. Let’s review why this Outdoor Tactical Bag Crossbody Riding Waist Bag for a sporty and trendy chap is a best selling with great feedbacks.

As we just mentioned, there is a variety of colors that this bag can be bought in: black, khaki, desert digital and ACU. It’s made out of nylon, which makes it durable and easy to wash up. It weighs only 500g, so it’s almost unnoticeable when you wear it. In size, it also proves to be quite small, only 20cm in length, 13cm in width and 15 cm in height.

Nylon Outdoor Bag for Travel Crossbody Riding Waist Bag

This crossbody bag features 5 pockets, so plenty of space for keys, wallet, documents and extras. There is 1 main zipped pocket, 1 back zipped pocket for especially valuable personal items, as well as 3 front pockets. The waist strap can, of course, be adjusted, so you can fit it perfectly by buckling it to find the most comfortable position. This bag is even more handy if you are an organized person, because pocket linings were created to pack your things in systematically.

Nylon Outdoor Bag

May you like hiking, running, fishing or any other outdoorsy activity, this bag would be a great addition making you hip, trendy and organized. It’s small and adjustable and will serve you good for years ahead in your everyday active and exciting life.

Nylon Outdoor Bag for Travel
Crossbody Riding Waist Bag

Nylon Outdoor Bag for Travel