Tactile Suit for VR Transforms Game Sounds Into Feelings

If you have a VR headset, you may have already thought about things that are missing. When a user is immersed into a virtual world, he still isn’t able to touch and feel other objects. That’s why more devices are being made to create the best and full-contact VR experience. For example, a startup NullSpace VR started working on their suit called HARDLIGHT VR which does look like it came out of a video game.

Manufacturers say that this “armoured” suit doesn’t solve all problems because it currently supports only 15 games for Vive or Oculus Rift. Nonetheless, NullSpace VR plans to improve their suit. Right now, HARDLIGHT VR has a special audio mode that transforms certain game sounds into feelings. Another feature of the suit is its ability to track body movements and synchronize them with the headset. As a result, users get a more realistic gaming experience.

Manufacturers started the fundraising campaign for HARDLIGHT VR on Kickstarter. It already raised the required amount of money, so it will be available for purchase.