Non-stick Safe Aluminum Pot Electric Stockpot

Xiaomi Non-stick Soup Pot is an intelligent and safe pot that will never turn your kitchen upside down. It is covered with temperature resistant coat, which means that the chance of you getting burned is significantly reduced (unless you get really creative). From the inside it is covered with food-grade non-stick coat, so that nothing is left on the surface, and you will not suffer while washing the pan.

Thanks to thickened visual glass lid you will find it very easy to check situation inside the pot, which is very useful when you prepare dishes, that should not be touched until ready. Or of you are trying hard to multitask while cooking dinner. The size of the pot is 8cm height and 26 cm – diameter, which makes it great for cooking dishes for the whole family.

  • Material Aluminum
  • Weight 2.4KG
  • Capacity 4L
  • Operating temperature range 25 – 230 ℃
  • Size 28cm x 8cm

Non-stick Safe Aluminum Soup Pot

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