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Nokia Introduced New Smart Health Gadgets

Today, the release of smartphones under the Nokia brand is being handled by the Finnish company HMD Global. However, Nokia itself also doesn’t rest. The company works in telecommunications and VR. Also, after the acquisition of Withings, Nokia took up the new segment – health device. This week, Nokia introduced a whole series of devices for people who want to monitor how their body works. All devices syncs with a smartphone transmitting measurements to a special apps. Here’s a quick overview of all presented gadgets:

  • Go fitness tracker – a simple device that track user’s physical activities (steps, distance, calories) and controls sleep;

nokia Go fitness tracker

  • Steel and Steel HR smartwatches – both devices serve as activity trackers and smart alarms. Besides, Steel HR has a display that shows important information, like time, distance travelled or heart rate. Also, the simple Steel smartwatch can work 8 months without recharging;

nokia Steel HR smart watches

  • BPM+ blood pressure monitor – this gadget obviously measures user’s blood pressure and pulse. The received results are stored in the mobile app. Based on the graphs, doctors can monitor the patient’s health;

nokia BPM+ blood pressure monitor

  • Body smart scales – these gadgets don’t only show weight but also store all results, so that the user could monitor the process of gaining or losing weight. Other models offer a wider range of functions, like displaying body fat percentage, biological age, and so on.