Great Sound Quality Noise Cancelling Sports Stereo Headset

Best of all, these Sports Bluetooth Headset are utterly wireless. With the help of Bluetooth 4.1, you can link them to your mobile device for pleasure of your tunes, as well as for hands free talking. 80mA battery is built into these earphones, that charges to the fullest in about 120 minutes, for up to 7 hours of usage time.
Dacom Sports Earphones
Using these Sports Headset is extremely easy as well. On the earmuffs, there are numerous different control buttons for turning them on/off, play/pause, adjusting the volume and switching the song. First of all, one needs to press on the MFB button, until green and red colored lights show up. After that, the user takes their mobile device and pairs it with GF7, and they are ready to go. Dacom GF7 is compatible with just about any device, Android or iOS.
These Sports Stereo Headset are also particularly strong, and even made to be water resistant. 15 grams in weight, makes them so light that you will not even feel them. Package itself consists of the Dacom earphones, a USB cable for charging, and a user’s manual.
Dacom GF7 Noise Cancelling Handsfree Talking Bluetooth Sports Stereo Headset is an item that is comfy, handy and makes the entire music listening experience exclusive, loud and well-defined. Price is realistic, compared to the quality of them. Many users are loving them, so take a look as well!

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Bluetooth Sports Stereo Headset

Dacom GF7 Headset