NO.1 S9 Heart Rate Health Monitor Outdoor Smart Watch

One of the most convenient traits of this watch is, in my opinion, a pretty big touch screen. You can choose a language after the first turning on. At that time you would also want to install an app called Mediatek Smart Device. There is a little style contradiction between laconic black design of the strap and the case of the watch and the screen with colorful icons, but all in all that’s not a problem.
NO 1 S9 Heart Rate Smartwatch
Moreover later I found out that one can download different watch faces by scanning a special QR code. Also, the straps are changeable as well. The viewing angles are very acceptable. I found it helpful that the watch can remotely  control different programs on your phone – for example when training or cleaning up your house with music (especially in Bluetooth headphones), you can pause it, skip or alter the volume on your watch instead of grabbing that bigger gadget.
Given these points, we can figure out that price-quality ratio in this NO 1. Sport Outdoor Smart Watch product is very well balanced. The smartwatch does a solid job for the price. Ability of customisation, multiple activity data and  is a nice plus.

Sports Outdoor Smartwatch NO.1 S9 Heart Rate
Health Monitoring Smart Watch

NO.1 S9 Outdoor SmartWatch