NO.1 G6 Power-Saving Big Capacity Battery Smartwatch

A smartwatch isn’t some cheap electronic and it would be a big heart ache if it might be wrecked with a little bit of water. The ideal smartwatch may not exist. Therefore a smartwatch has to be hardier than a sensible phone. Smart watches provide us with amazing hands-free functions that allow to operate you gadgets easily even when they are in the pocket. New NO.1 G6 Bluetooth 4.0 Sport Smartwatch has most of the major functions that you would ever want in your smartwatch. Firstly, the watch is able to track your sleeping cycles and wake you up at times when you feel most energized.

Additionally, built-in heart rate monitor provides data about your heart beats. Sedentary remind function will make sure that you move a lot throughout the day. The smart watch also supports Facebook, Twitter, SMS messaging so you can receive and see messages on 1.2 inch screen. 380mAh battery ensures long working hours. The smart watch can also track your sports record. The smart gadget also supports WhatsApp.

    • Heart rate monitor
    • PSG
    • Sedentary remind
    • Supports Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, incoming call, and more
    • Big capacity battery
    • 380mAh polymer lithium battery

NO.1 G6 Bluetooth 4.0 Smartwatch

NO.1 G6 Power-Saving Smartwatch

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