Nillkin HiFi Lossless Music Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is offered in a sleek, neutral white color. It has a unique round design, with a custom pilot hole. The pilot hole is made to provide with great bass and sound field. Size of this speaker is about 19.70 x 7.80 x 5.00 cm, with a weight of 758 grams, making it rather compact and portable.
Nillkin Bluetooth Speaker
With the Bluetooth 4.0 technology on this speaker, one can connect their mobile device to it from up to 10 meters away for full convenience.  Nillkin HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Speaker also has an AUX port. One can connect their gadget this way as well, whatever they prefer. Smartphones that have NFC equipped provide with the opportunity for one key pairing. Another great feature of this speaker, is that one can chat on their mobile device through it, even while listening to music.
NILLKIN MC2 HiFi Speaker White

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This portable Bluetooth speaker also has many other fantastic features, such as the Qi wireless charging. One can place their Qi enabled mobile device on top of the gadget to charge them without any cables. It also supports high speed charging mode, for up to 40 percent increase. With ordinary charge, a mobile device can charge 60 percent in 120 minutes, while with fast charge it can charge up to 100 percent in just 120 minutes.
A dual core chip is installed, with IC recognition for the device to start charging automatically. It is made to identify the exact amount of voltage needed and current, for it to stop when it is full. Over voltage protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and more is provided.
Nillkin Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is offered for a decent price on the market. It is made to provide with great sound, hands free talking and even quick charging of your mobile device. Appearance of it is stylish and it is also durable. Ideal for any home or business.

Nillkin HiFi Lossless Music
Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Speaker