Night Vision IP Camera Two-way Audio Baby Monitor

 Baby Monitor IP Camera

Baby Monitor Home IP Camera,
Two-way Audio Motion Detection

In addition, the device is equipped with an advanced camera which monitors your baby constantly. The wide-angle lens records footage in real time and stores everything on a TF card. Obviously, you can see the live video from your smartphone using the accompanying app Cleverdog. What’s more, the camera has infrared night vision, so it can see everything even in total darkness. But even when it doesn’t see, it detects movement. The sensitive motion sensors are activated by any suspicious activity and you are instantly alerted with a smartphone notification.
Finally, this baby monitor is a piece of cake in terms of installation. The device connects via Wi-Fi and starts working immediately. The baby monitor is also totally wireless, so it can be placed anywhere in the house. Keep in mind that the battery doesn’t last that long, so make sure to charge it regularly.
Overall, this device is definitely a much better solution than usual baby monitors. With a baby in the house, everything must be safe and under control, and this device will an excellent assistant for you.