Night Vision Gadget for Smartphones – Night Vision Phone

A group of students from St. Petersburg State University invented a unique night vision device for smartphones called ZOM. An experimental sample has already been demonstrated. Night Vision Gadget for Smartphones turns your phone to night vision phone. The scientists also launched a crowdfunding program on Boomstarter.

Unique Night Vision Gadget for Smartphones

ZOM is a new-generation night vision device. Basically, it’s a miniature gadget that emits waves invisible to the human eye. The beam passes in the dark and is reflected from any object. These reflected beams can be seen with a smartphone or tablet using the ZOM. As a result, we get the night vision effect.

Night Vision Gadget for phone

With a regular smartphone, the range of the device is up to 25-30 meters. If you attach special optical equipment, the objects will be visible from up to 300m depending on the power of the equipment. Such capabilities open up great prospects for the ZOM. It can be used for security purposes, night hunting, fishing, search and detection of remote objects, and so on.

Night Vision Gadget for Smartphones

The ZOM is water resistant and shock absorbent. It weighs approximately like a box of matches, size – 4×4 cm, thickness – 1cm. The ZOM easily fits in a pocket or a phone case.

Right now, it’s too early to talk about sales of this gadget. Nevertheless, the gadget available in Russia only but everyone can support and pre-order the ZOM as a part of the crowdfunding campaign.

via: boomstarter