NichePhone-S Credit Card Size Smallest Smartphone

Today, smartphone makers continue to expand the boundaries and make bigger devices with huge displays. But going big isn’t the only way because compactness is important as well. In fact, the Japanese company FutureModel created the perfect device if you want to save some space.

Smallest Size Smartphone

The smallest smartphone is called NichePhone-S and it’s a minimalistic device that looks like a calculator. At the same time, it’s as big as a credit card, so it can even fit in a wallet. The phone weighs only 38g and it’s just 9cm long. As for characteristics, NichePhone-S runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is equipped with a MediaTek MT6572A processor and supports Wi-Fi. The screen of the smartphone is monochrome with a 128×64 resolution. The battery capacity is 550mAh. This is enough for 3 hours of battery life in talk mode and 72 hours for standby mode.

NichePhone-S works just like a regular phone – users can make calls, send text messages, listen to music, and record voice messages. The smartphone also supports Bluetooth, so you can connect other accessories to it.

NichePhone-S goes on sale in Japan on November 11 for $88.