NexDock Detachable Keyboard Convertible Laptop

The company NexDock is going to release a laptop with the same name later in 2017. Manufacturers have already raised required $330K to start mass production. NexDock is a hybrid device – it has a detachable keyboard and can be used as both laptop and tablet. But the main thing is what on the inside.

NexDock is a unique device in this matter. On the outside, it looks like a regular laptop. It has an HD display, a touchpad, a keyboard and USB-C modules. But all of this is just a shell – NexDock gets all processing power from other devices, like Windows laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can connect your another laptop devices to NexDock and use it as an additional screen for working and other kinds of multi-tasking. Your Windows tablet or smartphone can also be paired with NexDock. A special Continuum feature on your smartphone gives you a more comfortable interface for working. Basically, it transforms your other devices into a full-sized laptop.

NexDock convertible laptop

But the highlight of this 2-in-1 laptop is compatibility with computer boards, like Raspberry Pi or a recently unveiled Intel Compute Card. It is a miniature computer platform, fitted with its own Kaby Lake processor, RAM, storage memory and wireless connectivity. In short, it’s like a detachable brain for various devices. Compute Card is likely to be used in other IoT (Internet of Things) appliances. And, as we can see, it can give its “brain” to NexDock. The laptop even has a special port just for Compute Card.

So, NexDock laptop-transformer definitely gives a very peculiar take on computing. It provides you with more possibilities for working on a laptop. NexDock will probably come out in the second half of 2017. By that time, Intel Compute Card will already be released (mid-2017), so there will be a possibility for purchasing a “full set”.