New Solution to Protect Your Smartphone

The company Eurosilicone, which belongs to Medicore, started the manufacturing of a new covering material for mobile devices. In fact, it may become revolutionary because it possesses the features of a bumper, anti-slip cover or a smartphone case. A new material is called Liquid Sand and it’s a special spray, based on silicone and sand, which a user himself can apply on the smartphone.

Liquid Sand is a small spray can with a very interesting substance inside. It consists of special silicone liquid and extremely clean sand. To apply spray on the smartphone, you need to cover all ports and a camera first. After cutting unnecessary bits, you need to treat the material with heat by using a hair dryer or placing it in the oven.

One or two layers of Liquid Sand are enough if you want to decorate a smartphone or make it “anti-slipping”. If you want more protection, you must apply 10 layers of the spray. Obviously your smartphone will get thicker but no drops will threaten it anymore.

Eurosilicone offers two types of Liquid Sand: regular (with a huge colour selection) or Liquid Sand Gemstone with pulverous alexandrite or opal. Due to the properties of these gem stones, the cover will change colours depending on the temperature.
Liquid Sand will be available for order in early summer. Prices will be revealed later.