New Version of SONY Aibo Dog Robot Toy

After almost 10 years, Sony decided to “resurrect” its smart robot Aibo – the robot dog is coming back to the market. Now, it’s much more advanced and, according to Sony, it can create a real and emotional bond with its owner.

Now, the robot has an accompanying smartphone App called My Aibo, which is used to access settings, view photos taken from the dog’s camera, and download additional “tricks” for the dog. Aibo also now requires a permanent subscription, which costs about $26 for a period of at least three years. This allows you to connect to the robot through Wi-Fi and LTE accessing to app functions and data storage in the cloud.

Sony claims that Aibo’s behaviour adapts to the new owner – it tries to understand what exactly makes the owner happy, gradually getting used to the new environment. The robot uses deep learning technology to analyze the sounds and images, picked up by its sensors, while also using cloud data to study the experience of other Aibo robot dogs and their owners.

The new Aibo uses ultra-compact drives that allow its body to bend over 22 axes. Its eyes are two OLED panels that can display different expressions. Aibo runs on a rechargeable battery and it lasts for 2 hours.