New Gestures Smart Technology to Control Smartphones

Apart from many different smartphones, MWC showed us a few very interesting mobile technologies. For example, the company Elliptic Labs demonstrated their method of controlling smartphones with gestures. The smart technology is similar to sonars: it is based on ultra-sound which allows the device to track every movement around it. The sound comes from a speaker and the mic traces its return. Special algorithms calculate the signal’s time of return. As a result, smartphones are able to detect all motions with high accuracy.

This technology isn’t used in any commercial mobile devices yet. However, visitors of MWC were able a few of its applications. For instance, when the phone is lying on the table and someone is calling on it, a user just has to extend his arm over it to answer. Another example will be especially exciting for selfie lovers. Users can zoom in photos with gestures and check out if they are good or not.

The representatives of Elliptic Labs say that the technology won’t be featured in mobile devices until all the gestures become intuitively understandable. They also added that we’ll see such devices later this year but we shouldn’t put all hopes on this statement. After all, Elliptic Labs have been saying the same thing since 2015.