New Technology – Bionic Lenses Can Restore Eyesight

The idea of special lenses that restore eyesight used to purely fictional and could be seen in various sci-fi movies. But in real time, things are getting better. Some companies come up with amazing inventions in this area. For example, Ocumetics Technology started testing its new product – Bionic Lens. In theory, these lenses can replace glasses and regular contacts. What’s more, the company plans to launch its technology in the next two years.

Bionic Lens is a pair of dynamic lenses with unbelievable capabilities. First and foremost, they make your eyesight clear again. Plus, working with the eye muscles, the lenses can adjust themselves and focus at various distances. As a result, the user can see farther in these lenses – small objects could be seen even from 30m. At the same time, this technology doesn’t strain your eyes – you won’t feel tired even after a day of reading.

Ocumetics Technology has even more plans for its creation. The lenses could be upgraded in the future. One of the ideas is displaying interface of mobile devices right on the lens. Still, we have to wait before the original lenses come out. For now, Ocumetics Technology claims that one bionic lens will cost $3 200 and it will be able to cure many eye illnesses, like colour blindness, muscle failure or various injuries.