New Samsung Smartphone Will Have the AI Processor

Mobile processors are becoming way smarter the before. For instance, the first mobile chipset with a special coprocessor for machine learning was introduced by Huawei and used in Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro smartphones. After that, Apple presented its A11 Bionic which was much more advanced than previous Apple chipsets. Now, it’s the turn of another smartphone giant – Samsung.

Apparently, the Korean company is preparing their rendition of an “artificially intelligent” processor. In fact, Samsung made an interesting investment to the Chinese startup called DeePhi Tech. The startup, which specializes in AI, developed unique microcircuits for the future Samsung processor. The microcircuits will control the neural networks in the processor. On the whole, just like with Huawei or Apple, the new Samsung processor will have its own coprocessor responsible for machine learning and AI tasks.

That way, Samsung plans to create a chipset “with infinite possibilities”. So far, it isn’t known how machine learning will be used in future Samsung mobile devices. According to rumours, the Galaxy S9 smartphone will have a 3D face recognition system, so its functionality might be based on neural networks.

New Samsung Smartphone