New Olympus Accessory EyeTrek El-10 Smart Glasses Gadget

Recently, we wrote about Google Glass and how Google wants to change the design of its product to appeal to the public. So far, smart glasses are still more of a futuristic product but it’s only a matter of time. In fact, Olympus just presented an interesting accessory which can transform any glasses into a smart device.

Olympus Accessory EyeTrek El-10 Smart Glasses Gadget


The gadget named EyeTrek El-10 is a kind of a headset with a camera, an OLED display and a headphone jack for an earpiece or a microphone. The accessory is attached to the right side of the user’s face, right on glasses. EyeTrek El-1 is compatible with any type of glasses. The camera is faced to the front, so it records video at all times and transmits the footage to the display (640×400 resolution).

As for other characteristics, EyeTrek El-1 packs 1GB RAM and 8GB storage for the footage. The device also has its own operating system Android 4.2.2, it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has a 300mAh battery as well. The battery is easily removed and changed when necessary, the average battery time is around 30 to 60 minutes.

EyeTrek El-10 will be available for all interested users but Olympus wants to improve the device and later make a more customizable version for companies and industries.