New MacBook Pro Battery Issues

Despite a high demand, recently released MacBook Pro wasn’t perfect. Users already had some complaints about graphics on new Apple laptops. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop at that. Customers have come across another problem – batteries in new MacBooks weren’t very resourceful. It turned out that it didn’t last even the half of the time that was promised by Apple.

The first complaints appeared on the MacRumours forum. Now, these messages have already over a thousand comments. One of the users wrote that he was working on 13-inch MacBook Pro during the week and the laptop stayed charged for 5-6 hours of Internet browsing, although the claimed time was around 10 hours.

It wasn’t the only case. Actually, after a brief test, most of the new MacBooks , regardless of the length of their diagonals, seemed to be subjected to fast discharging. With that said, the problem could be programmatic but in this case, it should have caused much more trouble.

So, as the reason is still unclear, we advise our readers, who had the same problem, not to wait and contact any Apple service centre or its official store.

New MacBook Pro, Battery Issues