New Innovative Level in Wireless Data Transmission

In our super-technological time wireless data transfer doesn’t surprise anyone. Plenty of different radio-communication towers, transmitters and access points allow us to connect with people all around the globe instantaneously. But Japanese engineers always go a bit further – recently they introduced a technology that will enable direct data transfer between devices for enormous distances without any intermediate links.

The device was presented at the “Factory 2016 Fall” fair in Tokyo by “SystemBase”. It is a modem, called Lory, that works on a new, innovative signal transmission platform LoRa, which basically means “Long Range”. The principle of its functioning is rather simple: the modem connects to your device via Bluetooth, the same goes for the second modem in set. After that, you’ll be able to exchange messages, files or even have a conversation via the app Himalaya Talk.

The creators of the modem expect it to be very useful among travelers when there are no signal stations around. Lory has a compact size (90×45) and it’s only 12mm thick. We’ll see the device in stores very soon, it’s expected to hit the markets by the end of 2016.