New Leak – No Lightning Port in iPhone

The amount of rumours and leaks about the upcoming iPhone 8 is abundant. We’ve all heard about the OLED-display, wireless charging and glass body. But one new leak sounds completely unexpected and even shocking. According to Wall Street Journal, iPhone 8 will have no Lightning port. Instead, Apple will fit in their device a USB-C port. USB-C standard has been used by Apple in MacBooks but never in smartphones or tablets.

On one hand, a USB-C port in iPhone 8 is understandable because this is the most advanced standard today, actively used by many companies including Apple. Besides, it would be quite convenient to have one cable to charge all devices. On the other hand, Lightning port is a rather new invention. Right now, there are plenty of accessories with this connector. It doesn’t seem right to end Lightning fate in such a way.

Fortunately, Apple seems to have a solution. With every new iPhone, users will also get a special USB-C-to-Lightning adapter in order not totally forget about Lightning ports. Plus, Apple wants to support accessories manufacturers which transitioned from microUSB to Lightning.

In any case, if iPhone 8 comes out with a USB-C port, this will be the first iPhone that you could charge with the same cable that you charge modern Android smartphones.