Prism Inexpensive New iPhone Smartphone AR Headset

Right now, there aren’t that many augmented reality headsets on the market. Plus, most of them are quite expensive. The representatives of the startup Mira decided to solve this problem and presented a new accessory for the iPhone 7. And here is brief review.
It’s called Prism and it’s a relatively inexpensive new smartphone AR headset.

The design of Prism is quite simple. To start, users need to insert the iPhone 7 into the headset and run a special app. After that, the screen image will be projected onto the lenses located in front of the user’s eyes.

According to available data, using the Prism headset, users will be able to play games and view different content. Plus, it will be possible to interact with some objects. To do this, users need a small control panel with several sensors and buttons.

While the developers don’t name the exact release date of the new AR headset, it can already be pre-ordered at MIRA. Before actually launching the headset, startup representatives plan to release an SDK which will create applications and games for their device. After that, iPhone users will be able to experience AR fully.