Latest Tech – Graphene Pixels Screen

A new innovative screen technology was created by scientists from the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands. According the university website, their idea implies the use of graphene pixels which are able to change colour when contracting and expanding.

It comes as a surprise but the discovery was actually accidental. The researchers were working on panels from silicon oxide, covered with graphene. During the research it became clear that, when changing the shape, mechanical pixels inside graphene membranes were also changing colour. Then, the scientists learned to control the colour of pixels by changing the pressure.

Unfortunately, putting this technology into mass production is quite problematic. These mechanical pixels are unbelievably small – they can be seen only with a microscope. Making them bigger will be hugely expensive and it can cause damage to the pixels. Nonetheless, the Dutch researchers sound very optimistic about their Hi-Tech discovery. They say that graphene pixels will replace LCD-screens. Besides, the displays, based on that technology, will be more energy-efficient, reliable and flexible.
To see the actual process, check out this video: