New Google Calendar User Interface Is Available

Google introduced the new version of its Calendar for the web. The main distinction is an updated user interface (UI) – all functions remained the same, but design became more friendly and the Calendar is packed with more convenient features.

The brand-new Google Calendar is rich with helpful changes, like better room resource information, improved event descriptions, a side-by-side view, quicker event creator, and so on.

Also, Google is offering help to all users to transition to the new UI. There are two options here. Firstly, the transition can be automatic when no action is required – the Calendar will update by itself but it will take around 8 weeks. Secondly, users can choose the manual transition. This option is recommended if users still haven’t updated their Calendar Chrome extensions, so the new UI wouldn’t run properly. In this case, you can choose the date when all users would transition to the new Google Calendar UI.

Find out how to transition your company to the New Google Calendar UI. More details on the launch are available here.

New Google Calendar User Interface