New Bluetooth 5 Available for Mobile Devices

“Bluetooth Special Interest Group” officially announced the launch of a new wireless charging standard – Bluetooth 5. According to the website of the organization, it will guarantee further advancement of this data transfer technology.

So, what are main improvements, compared to Bluetooth 4.2? Most importantly, data transfer speed of Bluetooth 5 will be twice as fast as of the previous version. Any device, fitted with Bluetooth 5, will be able to connect to 8 other devices. Plus, in Low Energy mode the range will increase 4 times. New standard will have more stability and a higher protection level.

One of the most notable things about Bluetooth 5 is further advancement in Internet of Things – a huge net of wirelessly connected devices with interactions between them. Bluetooth continues to explore this sphere, making connection obstacles disappear and allowing seamless linkage between mobile devices.

The future of Bluetooth 5 is very bright. Already in a few months, the first smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 5 will appear on the market. According to ABI Research analysts, in 2021, 48 billion mobile devices will be engaged in wireless data transfer and one third of them will support the latest Bluetooth standard.