Best Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones

When AirPods finally came out, many Apple fans exhaled with relief. AirPods are perfect and have high demand. Wireless headphones market wasn’t conquered by Apple but the company has another product coming. For all those, who weren’t satisfied with AirPods, there is an alternative – BeatsX.

The device was scheduled to be released in autumn of 2016 but Apple, apparently, has a habit of delaying launches of their wireless headphones. Since December, there were no announcements about BeatsX. But recently, new information appeared – according to iStockNow, the headphones may hit the stores next week. Considering the 5-month delay, that can finally be the end to the anticipation.

BeatsX is a simpler model compared to AirPods. They aren’t water resistant and don’t have a special charging case. This is a more affordable model. Unlike AirPods, BeatsX have an in-ear design, inherent to classic Beats models, and their ear pieces are connected with a wire that goes behind the neck of the user. The battery time in these headphones lasts around 8 hours but only 5 minutes of charging via Lightning provide 2 additional hours.

In any case, it’s exciting to finally hear something about the new Apple headphones. Now, we have to wait until next week to get more details.