New Apple Pencil Will Be Truly Useful

The new generation of Apple Pencil may lose the status of an additional accessory and become the working tool for most iPad Pro users. The information comes from the latest patent from Apple published by the U.S. Office for Patents and Trademarks. If the project is realized, the stylus will serve as the main controller for iPad – it will scroll pages, zoom in images and typing text.

Due to special input sensors, new Apple Pencil will be able to detect not only contact the tablet surface but also gestures and strong presses on the stylus. For example, if you apply extra pressure on a certain area of Apple Pencil, you’ll zoom in an image, or if you swipe the stylus from the bottom up, it will turn the web pages when you browse the Internet.

Despite the fact that idea seems a bit complicated, Apple engineers shouldn’t spend too much time making it work. The majority of technologies, described in the patent, have already been seen in other Apple devices. That’s why all iPad users may soon get a functional companion.