Google Working on New Android OS

Right now, engineers at Google are very busy. One group is working on the second generation of Pixel smartphone, another one is concerned with the affordable version of this device and one more is developing a new edition of Android OS. Unofficially, it’s called Android O and just like other “sweet” Android names, this one seems to be named after Oreo cookies. But it’s not that important – what new features will it have?

Actually, the guys at Ventureboat managed to find out about new improvements in Android O:

  • Copy Less – a smartphone is able to automatically capture important information on a certain web page and copy it itself. A helpful feature for texting or e-mailing;
  • Mapping a route – it will be instantaneous. The map app is activated with a simple tap on the address;
  • Gestures – a new, innovative way to operate a smartphone. For example, a user can “draw” a letter C on the display and the contacts will pop up on the screen.

Obviously, this will be a fascinating release. Let’s hope for some other announcements from Google as soon as possible.