New 100% Robotized Factory Without Workers

As more factories are using robots for production needs, manual labor of regular workers is becoming less necessary. In fact, even the biggest world brands are already launching “unmanned” production sites. The most recent example is Adidas – the company is opening its first robotized factory without workers.

Being oriented toward production automation, Adidas is slowly becoming one of the most technically advanced fashion brands. In this case, the robotized factory will open in Germany. Actually, it’s already built and ready to go, so it’s only a matter of time. On this factory, Adidas will make only one new model of sneakers called “Adidas Made For” (AM4). The company uses another innovation here – the sole of the sneakers are printed on a 3D printer. Later, all robot-sewn sneakers will be sold in world’s biggest cities: London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing and Tokyo.

Adidas won’t stop at that – the company plans to build the second robotized factory in Atlanta, USA. Plus, it will be a much more powerful factory with capacities for more than just one model of sneakers.