Negative Ion Smart Car Air Freshener Anion Purifier

Air that we breath is actually very polluted and contaminated and often we don’t even know it. It is important to filter it, and breath in only the cleanest and freshest. We all spend plenty of time throughout the day in our cars, and in this review, we have observed the YKT – 018 Negative Ion Cleaner Smart Car Air Freshener Anion Ultra Air Purifier.

Car Air Freshener

This YKT – 018 smart car air fresher comes in a very trendy and attractive color, champagne gold. Such color will bring pleasure to the eyes and will even serve as an accessory for your automobile. Others will not even realize that it is actually an air filter. Size of this gadget is 19.30 x 6.60 x 6.60 cm, with the weight summing up to be about 600 grams. Metal material that it is made out of, makes it durable, long lasting and also adds to the overall appearance.

YKT - 018 Negative Car Air Freshener

A HEPA filter is installed into this item, which is known for its ability to filter up to almost 100 percent of all PM2.5. In addition to that, it is made to absorb approximately 99.7 percent of all formaldehyde and the rest of the unsafe particles in the air that we might not even know about.

With the Anion purification, cleanness is sure to be delivered. This YKT – 018 smart car air cleaner releases about 8 million different negative ions in just one second, so that you are guaranteed to have fresh and uncontaminated air. Smart sensors are installed, which help regulate it all. Air speed on this purifier can be set automatically or manually, depending on what you prefer more. When working, the noise level is only 30 to 40 dB, which will not provide with any disturbance to you while driving, or to other passengers. Package itself consists of the air purifier and a car charger.

YKT – 018 negative ion smart car air purifier is a highly needed and great item to own. Users are sure to obtain the desirable air in their vehicle. This is imperative for our health, and it is great when we could easily do so.

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